Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Big Blue Blog

Being a Freak of Nature in an Unnatural World...

The world has gone mad and there's no coming back from this madness. Nowadays, you must accept their political correctness agenda or be an outcast, but wait a minute ... I've always been an outcast. No one has ever understood me or even wanted to really get to know me.

A few times, I have tried to share about who I really am, but it makes people nervous. You see, I have a few God-given gifts that frighten people and make them stand-offish. But those gifts are part of who I am.

After an entire lifetime of trying to look and act normal so I could be accepted and loved, I've discovered some important things. All those people I was trying to impress with how "Normal" I am, are no longer around. So why did I just spend my entire lifetime trying to please them and behave in a way that would make me acceptable in their world?

I guess I never did really change. I just pretended to be like everyone else. You can get pretty good at pretending and convince even the best of them. That's what us freaks of nature do ... We get very good at blending into the background, like a Chameleon. But we lose our own soul when we do that. We stop being unique.

We give up our uniqueness in exchange for the dream of being accepted and normal. I think what we need to give up is the dream of being normal. Instead, we should just be ourselves and let people react how ever they're going to. Maybe they won't like us - But maybe we'll like ourselves better.

The moment you give up trying to pretend to be like "Them", that's the moment when you become more real and more acceptable than you've ever been before.

All those years of the Masquerade, they stole me, my identity, my joy of life. Trying to be someone else will crush your spirit. They crushed me into the dust of the earth and I melded into earth and lay there staring up at a star-filled sky.

I was lost! At the end of all my striving to be perfect and acceptable, I lost myself. What irony!

Well, that's all I have to say today. This blog is dedicated to all who are largely misunderstood by friends and family--whatever the reason! Those are my Peeps! We share a gene.

We never asked to be the way we are. It was life or God or the devil or just happenstance. Whatever the cause, we just want the world to know that we're sick of hiding in the background, trying to act normal, to blend in, so we don't upset anyone.

Get over yourselves and just deal with us! The whole world can't be filled with upper middle class soccer moms, Yuppies and Millennials. How boring would that be?