Friday, May 13, 2016

What Happened to the Humans?

I came into this world as an environmentalist. It was like…I knew when I was just a few years old that the earth was in trouble. It was travailing under the weight of so much pollution, so much hatred and anger and murder….so much evil!

It was never meant to be this way! It was such an amazing and gorgeous planet and the humans had so much potential. And yet, here they were failing epic-ly. Here they were poisoning their own planet, their own air and soil…the very soil that produces food so the humans can survive….that soil…they’ve poisoned it for so many years and pretended not to notice.

Here those magnificent humans are…in all their glory…stranded on a dying planet, fighting over where to eat for dinner…clueless. It’s such a horrific fate and yet one that may not even get recorded, for what if no one is left alive to write the details of what happened to the humans.


Small voices ... Trailing
Against gray sky
Against blustery thunder,
Refuting strong winds.

Voices of warning, Voices of wisdom,
Voices of virtue.
Searching for eyes  And ears.

Consequences that loom
Upon a darkened sky,
Upon an unwary people
From hell to eternity.
To heed is to survive,
To witness another
Emerald mountain,
To feel another drenching rain.

Carolyn L. Sorrell © Copyright June 1998 – All Rights Reserved