Saturday, June 18, 2016

Soft Landing

In a swirling like that of a tornado,
I was swept away, into the clouds
My journey was brilliant at first;
My way was clear and easy.

Then an evil wind blew
And I found myself lost in tumultuous events.
Storm clouds blocked my way,
Evil Beings hurled trouble at me like large hailstones.

Though I searched for days
To find my way back home,
No pathway appeared,
No Angels came to rescue.

Many years, I wandered the earth
In search of home,
Clues would appear,
And make no sense
Yet I followed their direction.

Today, a swirl of storm clouds
Encircle my life
Threatening, always threatening.
Why won’t they leave me alone?

The bright moonlit evenings
Where love is alive in the Ionosphere
Are only fading memories now,
As is laughter, joy and peace.

Though these considerations trouble my soul
Creating deep pain at their remembrance,
I have no hope of finding my home.
I have no one to hold me till the shaking stops.

With wide eyes, and a last glimmer of hope,
I search the skies above
For clouds that will transport me away
Crying out to God for a Soft Landing.

Carolyn L. Sorrell Copyright © June 2016 – All Rights Reserved