Monday, April 10, 2017

What Time Is It?

I’ve noticed a trend toward advertisers running their ads before, during and after a holiday. In the old days, once Labor Day had passed, advertisers would take those ads down. Now they don’t. They just keep running them weeks after the holiday has passed.

It’s not uncommon to see Presidents Day sales running on TV a full two weeks after President’s Day has come and gone. The obvious problem with this is that older people, whose memory may be fading, get really confused.

It’s hard enough to know what day it is anyway when you work from home. I can work at 2am Sunday or at noon on Thursday. It doesn’t matter.

So I try to make finding out the day and date a purposeful activity. I remind myself to check. It’s pretty easy with computers, phones and even cable. If you flip to the channel guide, it tells you the exact time, day and date.

I still listen to the TV ads talking about the big Valentine’s Day sale at Kohl’s and think, “Hmmm … didn’t we already have Valentine’s Day?”

So then you have to google, “When is Valentine’s Day?”

Oh yeah! It’s February 14th!! So then, you have to pull up your calendar. Today is April 9th – So I have to assume that Valentine’s Day is over. But then you still wonder….
  • “Did I fall asleep and just dream all this?”
  • “Maybe I’m still sleeping.”
  • “How can I tell if I’m awake or not?
  • “OH GOD! I can’t tell if I’m awake or not!”

You want to just walk down the hall to the Lobby and casually say something like, “This weather is amazing for this time of year.”

Then they say, “Yeah, spring has really sprung. My petunias are blooming.”

“So Daylight Savings Time … glad that’s done!”

If they look surprised, then you must assume that Daylight Savings Time has not come and gone yet. Time to just walk away. Smile and walk away.

There aren’t very many people that you can just walk up to and ask point blank: “Hey, what day is it?” Especially once you get older. It’s like … everyone is just hanging around waiting for you to screw up so they can put you in a nursing home. So, you have to constantly pretend you know what’s going on.

When I was 35, I told my family this: “Please remember when I’m old, that my memory has always been bad, that I constantly misplace things and that I really don’t give a crap what day or time it is.”

They smiled a knowing grin and shook their heads, promising to remember and NOT think I was losing it just because my age was reaching triple digits. This plan would have worked better except that now, their memory is fading too, and they don’t recall that conversation at all.

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