Thursday, September 14, 2017

Raised By Wolves

Usually, people use the expression “raised by wolves” to indicate that they had a bad upbringing. Maybe the parents were involved in drugs and alcohol or were just not fit parents. They didn’t provide sound guidelines to their children about what behaviors are and are not acceptable. Some parents really don’t want their children at all so they’re mean to them. In extreme cases of neglect and abuse, the police are called in.

But in most cases, these children simply aren’t taught properly, don’t get regular meals, a good education, good medical care, nice clothes and the other things we associate with a healthy childhood. They grow up confused about what LOVE is and what it means to care for someone.
What does being raised by wolves really mean?

Well, it turns out that wolves travel in nuclear families. There’s a husband, a wife and their children. They travel in packs of about 15 animals in order to better protect themselves against aggressors. Mated pairs remain together and faithful to each other throughout their lifetime. They produce pups every spring and they provide for the pups until they are old enough to take care of themselves. This is usually a period of 1 to 4 years.

Wolf parents teach their pups to hunt and defend themselves. Mother wolves don’t leave the den for at least a month after the pups are born. They’re very protective of their young. They communicate well with each other using behaviors like facial licking, jaw wrestling, nose pushing and cheek rubbing.

Unlike humans, a wolf mother or father would never be cruel to one of their pups. They are always loving, making it a priority to teach pups everything they will need to know in order to survive out in the world.

So in essence, if you had been raised by wolves, you would now be an even-tempered person who knows the value of working hard and taking care of your own needs. If you were raised by wolves, you’d be looking for a long-term relationship with someone of the opposite sex who could help you better manage all the dangers and difficulties of life.

You would not shy away from responsibilities or be looking for someone else to meet all your needs. You’d be a basically good person with a level head and a loving heart.

I think it’s time we change that expression from “raised by wolves” to “raised by humans”. For human beings are often unfair, mean, abusive or cruel to their kids. Maybe they had a bad day or maybe they just weren’t taught how to be good parents. The result is all the same. We have so many millions of children around the world that no one wants. They’re everywhere.

Even in our technologically advanced western world, we still have not figured out how to prevent monsters who would severely abuse their children, from becoming parents. We just let everyone who wants to, get pregnant and no thought is given to what will become of their offspring. Maybe somebody will love and take care of them and maybe not. Who knows?

This is one of the greatest failures of mankind. We should, by now, be able to identify those people who are not suitable for parenting and stop them from procreating. Instead, we allow things to just keep moving forward however it will, and then maybe down the road somewhere, these kids will figure life out on their own.

Or maybe they will have their own kids and raise them exactly the way they were raised and the whole cycle will continue on and on. That’s what has been happening for centuries.

A recent study finds that 45 percent of today’s pregnancies are unplanned. How can this be true in our day and age? Birth control is abundantly available. We’re teaching fifth graders about sex. Somewhere, somehow, what we’re doing isn’t working.

But the only thing we can think to do is to create more government funded social programs hoping that at least these kids will get a decent meal from time to time.

Of course, there’s abortion. But how many of the already 60 million aborted babies would have actually been loved and raised properly? A lot of stuff can happen in nine months. There’s no way to know. Just because a woman’s pregnancy comes at an inconvenient time in her life, is no reason to end the child’s life. People’s lives change. Their needs, wants and desires change. Ending someone’s life is pretty final.

The bible says that, if we will allow it, becoming a parent will actually force the parents to mature and become better humans. That was true in my life. I was a silly girl with no life experience, but once I got pregnant, the whole world changed. Life wasn’t just about me anymore. I had a child coming so I had to become more responsible.

This might not happen with every young girl who gets pregnant but I still think the unborn should have a right to see daylight. They are humans after all and all of us have inalienable rights according to our constitution.

So we have this perplexing dilemma. How do we resolve it? Can our society actually find a way to control who does and doesn’t have a baby? Can we somehow make sure that parents are ready to be parents way before conception begins? Maybe mankind will never be that evolved.

We see so many movies about space ships and traveling all over the galaxy but we can’t get this one thing right. I grew up in a very dysfunctional home. My parents were not ready to be parents at all. They weren’t ready financially, emotionally, mentally or in any way. How many people in the world can say the same thing?

So I have a question for all those people:
If you knew how your life would unfold … how you’d make so many bad choices simply because no one ever taught you HOW to make good ones … If you knew about all the suffering and sadness you would endure … would you still choose to be born?

In my case, the answer is a resounding YES! But at times, I do wish with all my heart, that I’d been raised by wolves.