Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Blackberry Jam, Tomatoes Grown in Raised Beds, And Other Things Grown on a Farm

All my life, I’ve been a farmer at heart. I recall being 8 years old at my Granny’s farm in East Texas. Me and Grampa would walk around the yard and pick up string. (I still have a ball of it) But in springtime, we’d go out by the abandoned house that was on our 54 acres and me and Grampa would build a raise bed to grow tomatoes alongside one side of the house.

This bed ran for about 20 feet and was about one foot off the ground. Grampa used the side of the house for the back side and then long boards like 1x12’s to go down the front and the ends were just built out of scrap wood. Once you get the boards up and fastened together, you attach them to the house so they’re stable, then you can start filling them with soil.

The soil on my Gran’s farm is sandy loam, so we had to add some store-bought soil to get it right for tomatoes. Once you have all soil in the bed, then fertilize it. Mix it all together and water it real good. Then the next day, you’re ready to plant your little tomato plants or seeds. If you start early enough in the season, you can get seeds to do pretty well.

Grampa put together some pieces of old window glass to make a covering for the beds. He said this would keep out insects and create a sauna-like atmosphere where the plants would grow much faster. He was right. My grandpa knew everything about farming and I was always tagging along, saying, “Grampa, why are we doing this? What’s this for?”

Glad he was patient. We grew some pretty delicious tomatoes for a few years there. They were so yummy. There are NO tomatoes today that taste as good as homegrown. Today’s tomatoes have thick skins you can’t eat, the insides taste funny…I just don’t enjoy them at all.

But If I ever buy my gran’s farm and move there, I’m going to build raised tomato beds, put glass over the tops to keep insects out and create a moist humid atmosphere. And then my tomatoes will taste like they did in the olden days. We always had such a big crops of some of the things we grew that we’d have to can them.

Granny would make jams and jellies out of the blackberries and strawberries. But she would put up the peas and tomatoes in Kerr Jars. I’ve forgotten a long time ago how to do that so I just blanch mine, then cool them and place them in freezer bags. I think they taste just as good and keep for just as long.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Did You Ever Do Any Sleep Cooking?

I’ve been Sleeping-Cooking 3 nights this week. I go to bed so hungry that it wakes me up, belly aching, at 3 in the morning. So I get up, go in the kitchen, open the fridge door and stare. 

Finally, I’ll see something. Last night there was a small steak in the freezer, so I chopped it up and added onions and potatoes and stir-fried it. It came out pretty good but I burned the onions. I remember how they looked and smelled—like little pieces of black bitter cardboard…(hope I wasn’t dreaming).

So then, I sat down in front of the TV and turned on Continuum. You can get it on Netflix now. I’m watching from the beginning. If anyone would like to come over tomorrow, we could make snacks and binge watch all of Season 2. Kiera is starting to realize that she may never be able to go back to 2077 and see her husband and little boy again. She may be stuck in the 21st Century. I know how she feels. I got stuck here too!

Death is the only way to get back. You can’t speed up the process or take short cuts. You have to spend your whole time here before they’ll let you return. You’ll get in trouble if you try to go back early! Best to just do your time!

Well, back to the Sleep-Cooking. Been doing that 3 nights in a row. I’m out of oatmeal, crackers and peaches. Those are the 3 things I eat all day to keep from having to cook. They keep my belly full enough—but I’m out and haven’t been able to go to the store and get any. It sucks!

So you’ll never guess what I made tonight? Sliders. I had some of those really good yeast rolls in the freezer, so I made a small hamburger patty, grilled it, put some cheese on top, then toasted my roll and smeared it with mustard and mayonnaise. It was good. I should have made 2 of them. I ate the dregs out of the potato chip bag.

So no sleeping in for me tomorrow. I have to rise early, dress, and go to the grocery store—get all this stuff:
·         Salt, Crackers, Oatmeal
·         Ramen, Bread, Milk
·         Peaches, Chex Mix,
·         Some kind of food
·         Some fruits and veggies (don’t forget lemons)
·         Eggs (my eggs expired on May 5th-Hope I’m saying that right)
·         Lots of TV dinners (really livin’ the life, ain’t we?)

Well, it’s time to go bed, so I can wake up in a few hours and do all that cooking – or maybe I’ll just take 2 sleeping pills and sleep through the night. Who knows?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

No Silver Gray Space Ships Ever Showed Up

Today is 8-8-18. I was looking at some old notebooks. I’ve always written about things. It helps me sort it all out and stay sane. I’ve written volumes of stuff from notes about my troubled marriage to sermon notes from various churches/preachers.

One thing I notice about myself when I am younger is how na├»ve I am. My husband and daughter are just the opposite. They are hardened in many ways. But not me. I stayed in a tiny world of my own where everything and everyone was good and the good people always win. Many years ago, my husband and daughter knew that wasn’t true. I just couldn’t live in their world and they couldn’t live in mine.

Tonight I went out to watch the moon rise. The sky is filled with gray clouds. They’re so lovely. It reminded me of a dream I had a few years back. I was outside standing in a field. I looked up and the whole sky was filled with gray clouds. As I stood there staring, I realized that there were about 6 round spaceships hidden in the clouds.

They were silver gray, like the clouds, and perfectly round. They were very closely nestled together and they took up the whole sky. I wish I was an artist so I could draw these silver spaceships.

As I realized that they were spaceships, I also realized that mankind was doomed. There were too many of them. They were already on our planet. Their technology was far superior to ours. We were at their mercy. If they wanted to enslave us, they would.

Maybe they would be enlightened beings who didn’t believe in destruction. Maybe humans were the only species in the galaxy that was so evil and violent that we kill our own babies and parents—people we should love and respect.

Tonight I didn’t see spaceships in the clouds. I saw a large pair of lips. They were pretty…a woman’s lips. Just the right thickness and shape. But as I watched, the lips changed to those of a man with a thin mustache. He had a nice smile. But they changed again and this time became the full lips of a man with a mustache and a smile that showed his teeth. His chin was prominent. Pretty soon, the clouds moved away and all blended together into billowy shapes.

I waited, but no spaceships ever showed up.