Monday, December 3, 2018

Do You Like Urban Legends?

I like this one. It’s always been a favorite. And, I like to think this REALLY happened—you never know.

This very successful businessman was married and enjoying the Good Life. He had a beautiful home, great wife and a sleek gray Mercedes Benz. He had the American Dream.

But then he got bored and before you know it, he was involved with his secretary. Men get bored kind of easily sometimes.

He was being discreet at first but then he and his secretary got involved in Coke and glittery parties, and he was soon the talk of the town. He would be gone for days getting high, acting crazy at all the big parties in town with his buxom blonde secretary on his arm. He bought her clothes, diamonds and even a car.

The man’s wife was confused. She didn’t know what to think. When he did come home, they argued. She couldn’t understand why he had suddenly gotten bored with her and left for another woman and a completely insane lifestyle.

Finally, the man took his girlfriend out to Vegas one weekend. They started winning big and were having a great time. They partied night and day and spent hours at the roulette wheel. 

The guy was spending all the money he’d made and ruining the business he’d built. But he couldn’t stop. By now he was addicted to the Coke, the sex and the party lifestyle.

Then one morning he woke up to the hard cold fact that he was broke. The roulette wheel hadn’t been very kind to him. He’d lost thousands of dollars within just a few days. His girlfriend was threatening to leave him. He wasn’t fun anymore.

So he called his wife back home. “Honey, I need you to do me a favor. I know you don’t owe me a favor but if you would do just this one thing for me, I would be forever in your debt. Would you please sell my Mercedes Benz and send me the money? I’ll sign those divorce papers promptly so you can move on with your life—I promise.”

He finally talked her into it. After all, he WAS a good businessman.

A few weeks went by and finally his wife called and said, “Okay I sold the car. Where do you want me to send the money?”

He gave her wiring information to a bank in Vegas since that was the fastest way to get his money and get back to his party lifestyle.

His wife promptly went to her bank and wired the money she’d gotten from selling the Mercedes Benz.

A few hours went by and the guy called her very upset. “Hey! What’s going on here? I got the bank transfer but it was only $50 bucks. What happened to the rest of the money you got for my car? That car was worth $65,000.”

“I sold the car, just like you said. You didn’t specify how much to get for it so I priced it to sell quickly.”

“For $50 dollars??? Are you kidding me? You sold my Benz for $50? You Bi*ch! How could you do this?”

The guy kept yelling and cussing but the woman hung up the phone, went inside and made herself a nice cup of tea, then sat out on the patio of her lovely home watching roses bloom, very pleased with herself.

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